EGFH Rules & Regulations

General Regulations

Match Process

Season Matches

All EGFH-sanctioned competitive matches are expected to adhere to the following standards:

  1. Season format

    1. EGFH seasons will be held twice per year consisting of a regular season in which schools compete in weekly matches against other schools followed by a state, then national championship.

    2. The schedule for the regular season is determined by EGFH using a randomized pairing process that takes into account the distribution of teams by conference and academic schedule

      1. Unless otherwise noted, the schedule will be posted at least 3 weeks prior to the start of the season

  2. Game setup

    1. Non-broadcasted matches

      1. Captains are responsible for checking in, relaying information to their teams on behalf of the officials, and providing instructions to connect to their respective match.

      2. The captain of the home team as listed on the EGF match schedule is responsible for creating the competitive lobby, following the approved game settings, listed under Game Settings in this document.

      3. If tournament codes are not available:

        1. The home team captain must create a lobby at least five minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the match.

        2. The captain of the home team will invite the captain of the opposing team to the lobby they created.

          1. The opposing captain is then responsible for inviting the remaining members of their team.

        3. Once both teams have full eligible rosters present, the match will begin at the designated time.

        4. In the event that a captain fails to create a lobby and send an invite, the opposing team should contact the opposing team’s captain or Esports Director via the EGFH Discord.

          1. If no response is given by the match start time, the present team’s coordinator should compose an email to the EGF admin email with a timestamped screenshot of the empty lobby and communication attempts.

    2. Broadcasted matches

      1. For regular, non-championship league matches, matches may be broadcasted by either

        1. EGF

        2. An EGF-certified broadcaster

      2. The captains of teams playing in matches designated to be broadcasted, or set as a backup broadcast, by EGFH members will be contacted by the broadcasting staff responsible for the match at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the match with instructions to connect

      3. >If tournament codes are not available: The EGFH broadcaster assigned to a match will create the competitive lobby according to the approved Game Settings.

        1. The broadcaster will then invite both captains, who are then responsible for inviting the rest of their teams into the lobby.

  3. All matches must be played to completion with a clear winner. Should a team exit a match prior to its conclusion or be otherwise unable to complete the match, that team shall forfeit the match. A team may complete a match without a full team in accordance with the game-specific rules.

  4. Match Timing - Matches will be played in sequence according to the schedule provided at the beginning of the season. Each match is allocated a default time slot based on the average time needed to complete a match including its picks and bans phase.

    1. In the case of broadcasted games, should there be a delay in the completion a game for any reason, the next game will start within 10 minutes of the conclusion of the preceding match.

    2. If the match is not being broadcasted, matches will start according to the provided schedule.

    3. The schedule for each season will be released to teams by EGF no later than two weeks prior to the beginning of the season. The released schedule may be altered to accommodate teams that are removed from the league.

    4. All times for League matches are displayed in Eastern Time.

    5. Default Match Times: The default time for each match is set at the same time of the official schedule release and is available on the EGFH website. Both teams must agree to a reschedule of a league match, otherwise the original time stands.

  5. Rescheduling Matches - Rescheduling Matches uses the following procedure only:

    1. Broadcast and backup broadcast matches cannot be rescheduled, and must start at the designated time on the official EGFH schedule.

    2. Teams may reschedule non-broadcasted matches using the following procedure:

      1. Any team wishing to reschedule a match must tag the opposing team’s captain in the EGFH Discord #match-rescheduling channel, at least one hour before the scheduled match start time, with a message similar to, “My team cannot make the match scheduled on [date] at [time], and I would like to request a reschedule to [date] at [time].”

      2. All rescheduling requests must tag the opposing captain, and make at least two suggestions for an alternative time.

      3. All responses to rescheduling requests should tag the relevant captain.

    3. The new time must be agreed upon by both teams. If teams cannot agree on a new time, the original time stands. (This is a great reason to have subs available for your team.)

    4. Once the new time is arranged between captains, each captain is responsible for communicating the new time with their team, and ensuring that the team is present and ready to compete at the new time.

    5. All games for the week must be completed and reported by the normal time, below, regardless of rescheduling.

    6. If EGFH officials are requested to settle a dispute over match rescheduling, the EGFH Discord #match-rescheduling channel will be used as the primary source of evidence in making a decision.

  6. Match Delays - Matches may be delayed up to but not exceeding 5 minutes from their scheduled start time (including rescheduled matches) using the following procedure only:

    1. Any team wishing to delay a match by up to 5 minutes must tag the opposing team’s captain in the EGFH Discord #match-rescheduling channel, any time before the scheduled match start time, with a message similar to, “My team is requesting a 5 minute delay to the match start time for technical difficulties.”

    2. All match delay requests are automatically granted (providing these rules are followed).

    3. Matches cannot be delayed more than 5 minutes, and anytime beyond 5 minutes will permit a team with a full roster that is ready to play to claim a forfeit win (see below).

    4. If participating in a broadcast or backup broadcast match, the same rules are followed, except that the delay must also be communicated to EGFH officials within the #Pre-Game Check channel on the EGFH Discord.

  7. School Cancellation - If school is cancelled or dismissed early through an official statement, matches may be rescheduled using the following procedure:

    1. If school is cancelled

      1. Submit an image or link to the official cancellation notice (e.g., superintendent’s Twitter, school statement), to the EGFH Discord channel #match-rescheduling as evidence no later than 12:00 PM ET on the day of the cancellation

      2. As part of the cancellation notice, tag the opposing captain, and request at least one alternative time when your team can play a rescheduled match. See below for rescheduling specifics.

    2. If school is dismissed early

      1. Submit an image or link to the official early dismissal notice (e.g., superintendent’s Twitter, school statement), to the EGFH Discord channel #match-rescheduling as evidence no later than 1 hour before the scheduled match time (we recognize that extreme circumstances may require a later notification).

      2. As part of the cancellation notice, tag the opposing captain, and request at least one alternative time when your team can play a rescheduled match. See below for rescheduling specifics.

    3. Playing from home during school cancellation

      1. If a school’s team would like to play the match from home during a school cancellation or early dismissal, they may do so, but will need to make a statement in the cancellation notice tagging the opposing captain saying they still plan to play.

    4. Matches that must be rescheduled because of school cancellation are given until the following week’s match submission deadline to submit their results, in an attempt to be as accommodating as possible.

      1. If a school cancellation match reschedule cannot be arranged at a time when both teams are available, the match will be null, and neither team will receive a win or loss for that match for the season, counting as a draw for bracket purposes (receiving 0 points).

  8. Reporting Matches - Both captains must submit match results through Toornament by the Sunday immediately following the default match time at 10:00 PM ET

    1. All match results are recorded in Toornament by the team captain, advisor, or other team representative.

    2. Teams must give the full record of all maps played (e.g., submit map score for all maps played in a best-of series in Overwatch or Rocket League).

    3. If match results cannot be submitted through Toornament due to technical issues (ex: website being down), please submit match results through the following procedure:

      1. Attach a screenshot of the post-game screen for each match completed in the best-of series (e.g., Bo1 = 1 screenshot, Bo3 = 2 or 3 screenshots depending on # of rounds)

      2. Include a list of all players on your team for that match

      3. If you have the ability to record replays, attach or link to them

  9. Tie-breaks

    1. In the event of a tie in standings at the end of the regular season, the tiebreaks, in order of process, are:

      1. Map differential - if match consists of a series of maps (example: Overwatch best of 3), the team with a higher map differential wins

      2. Match record between tied teams (e.g., if one team beat a team earlier in the season, they win a tiebreak with that team)

      3. Strength of Schedule (the sum of the match wins of the teams that each team played against)

        1. For the purposes of determining a team’s Strength of Schedule, a Bye awards a team the average number of match wins for all teams in the league.

      4. A tiebreaker match between the tied teams. In the event of multiple teams being tied for the same place after consideration of matchup and strength of schedule, a tiebreaker match will be played between the remaining teams between the end of the season and playoffs.

    2. Tiebreak consideration will continue until the tie is resolved.

  10. Substitutions During Play

    1. A team may substitute a player on their roster during a match using the following procedure:

      1. The active player switch must be made between games in a series (e.g., for Overwatch you must play all points on a map before switching players).

      2. The player being brought in must be officially registered on the team with EGFH, and be otherwise eligible to compete.

      3. The substitute must be playing on their own account; a player may not use another player’s account under any circumstances.

      4. The team making the substitution must notify the opposing team of the change and the opposing team must acknowledge it. If an EGF official is present, they must also be notified of the change.

  11. Spectator Regulations during EGFH events and leagues

    1. No spectators are allowed into any game lobby except EGFH officials, broadcasters, or individuals who have been given specific permission by EGF.

  12. Streaming

    1. If a match is not being broadcasted by EGF, an organization may stream their match with permission, in writing, from EGF. If a match is being broadcasted by EGF, no other streams are permitted.

      1. All streams of EGFH matches must be performed by a player from a first person point of view; no allowances will be made for non-EGF spectators for any purpose including broadcast.

      2. Players streaming EGFH games – even if it is on their personal channel – must follow the EGFH Code of Conduct, and will be responsible for behavior during the stream.


  1. Both teams are required to be in the game lobby at the scheduled match time, even if the opposing team cannot field a full eligible roster.

    1. If a team knows they will be unable to field a full eligible roster for the match, the team captain should tag the opposing team’s captain in the EGFH Discord #match-rescheduling channel, with a message similar to, “[Your team name] cannot field a full roster for the [game] match scheduled on [date] and [time], and will be awarding a forfeit win to [opposing team name].”

    2. If neither team has a full standard team of eligible players, both teams will receive a forfeit loss.

  2. If a team does not have a number of eligible players equal to the standard team size for the game being played (e.g., 5 for League of Legends) in the lobby/server at the the scheduled match time, and the match has not been rescheduled or delayed per the procedures above, the team captain representing the team with a full roster should:

    1. Tag the opposing team’s captain in the EGFH Discord #match-rescheduling channel, with a message similar to, “[Your team name] is claiming a forfeit victory because [opposing team name] could not field a full roster for the [game] match scheduled on [date] and [time].” and include a screenshot or photo with your message displaying a visible clock (in-game or otherwise) and the in-game lobby with a full roster for your team and an incomplete roster for the opposing team.

      1. If neither team has a full roster in the evidence provided, both teams will receive a forfeit loss.

  3. Any teams that do not submit their weekly match results by Sunday at 10:00 PM ET will receive a forfeit loss.

  4. A team receiving forfeit losses equaling 33% of their total number of matches during the regular season, not counting any single forfeits in a best-of series, will be marked inactive for the rest of the season, and will not be allowed to compete in subsequent matches. Readmittance to the league is subject to the discretion of the EGFH Commissioner.

In-Game Names (IGN), Team names, and Clan Tags

It is the responsibility of a school’s Esports Director to ensure the IGNs of their players comply with the EGFH Code of Conduct Article II Section 5, including team names.

  1. In-game names must comply with the following rules:

    1. All players must be using accounts with IGNs and team names consistent with the guidelines listed.

    2. Any IGNs or team names inconsistent with this policy should be contested BEFORE the start of the match.

    3. To file a dispute, a screenshot of the lobby along with the names of the teams and match time should be sent to the league coordinator and reported to an EGF official through Discord.

    4. Once the game begins, disputes based on roster inconsistencies cannot be levied.

  2. Changing an account name

    1. The account name that a player registers with EGFH at their entry to the league is their official name for the remainder of the season, unless a name change request is granted by EGF.

    2. A player may apply for a name change by submitting a name change request to EGFH officials by email, detailing the name change (e.g., changing account name from “[originalname]” to “[newname]”), and await approval before performing the name change.

      1. Once a name change request has been granted by EGFH officials, as part of performing a name change, a player must submit the following information to EGFH to document the name change and to register the new name with the league:

        1. League of Legends

          1. Take a screenshot of your client “Profile” page before the name change

          2. Take a screenshot of your client “Profile” page after the name change

          3. Submit a description of the name change (e.g., changing account name from “[originalname]” to “[newname]”), along with both the before and after screenshots, to your team captain, and to EGFH organizers

        2. Overwatch

          1. Take a screenshot of the main “Career Profile” screen before the name change

          2. Take a screenshot of the main “Career Profile” screen after the name change

          3. Submit a description of the name change (e.g., changing account name from “[originalname]” to “[newname]”), along with both the before and after screenshots, to your team captain, and to EGFH organizers

    3. If a publisher provides a name change receipt, with the account name before and after the change, this may also be submitted to the team captain and EGFH organizers as proof of the name change.

  3. Team names must comply with the following rules:

    1. must be phrased as “School, team name” where the school portion may use a shortened name if necessary. For example, Alden High School could be known as the “Alden Bulldogs”.

    2. does not need to reflect the school’s official mascot

    3. must comply with the EGFH Code of Conduct

  4. Clan tags must adhere to the following rules:

    1. They must be approved as the “official” tag of the player’s school by the school’s administration

    2. Comply with the EGFH Code of Conduct

    3. If a player displays a non-compliant tag, they will be asked to change it before playing. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.

    4. Teams may choose not to use a tag at all

Team Eligibility

  1. To be eligible to compete in an EGFH Season, a team must:

    1. Submit an application for eligibility indicating the following:

      1. Administration:

        1. Identify a Team Advisor who is a school employee, with contact information

      2. Team:

        1. Have a minimum number of required players for the game(s) of choice

          1. Next step: fill out sub positions for each team

        2. Provide team name and team bio

      3. School materials:

        1. Provide the school colors, with hex codes

        2. Provide a high-res school logo - no less than 400 x 400 pixels, with a transparent background; source files are ideal

Teams applying to EGFH mid-season will not be considered eligible to compete in the official EGFH league until the following season.

Once the application is submitted, EGF will review the application and request any missing and/or additional materials. The eligibility is then verified, allowing the school’s team to compete in scrimmages and other invitational events as determined by EGF.

Player Eligibility

  1. To be considered eligible to compete in league play, an individual must:

    1. Be a full time high school student at the school where they wish to compete

      1. Roster exceptions may be made for students unable to field a team at their school. For students in this situation, you must follow these steps:

      2. Request to join a nearby school, CC’ing in EGFH organizers and receiving team captain and team advisor.

      3. The receiving school’s team must then accept your application to their team, and respond with their acceptance in writing, CC’ing EGF officials.

      4. EGF reserves the right to reject the trade if found to be in violation of EGF rules.

    2. Register with EGFH

    3. Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.3/C+/77.

      1. Academic standing will be reported by school administrators in compliance with relevant student privacy laws

    4. Be in good conduct standing with their School and EGFH which means they:

      1. Cannot be facing disciplinary action by the school that would prohibit them from participating in school activities

      2. Cannot be facing disciplinary action by EGFH that results in the player being suspended or expelled from the league

    5. Provide accurate identification for purposes of registration

      1. Should a person be believed to have provided false registration information, additional verification of identity may be requested by an EGF official. Should a person fail to provide adequate verification of identity, they may be barred from competing in EGF competition until identity can be verified.

  2. Teams may not make additions to their official roster after week 3 of a regular season.

  3. Roster exceptions may be made for students unable to field a team at their school. For students in this situation, you must follow these steps:

    1. Request to join a nearby school, CC’ing in EGFH organizers and receiving team captain and team advisor

    2. The receiving school’s team must then accept your application to their team, and respond with their acceptance in writing, CC’ing EGF officials

    3. EGF will then make a decision on the application at which point the player may or may not begin participating with the applying team

Team Roster

  1. A player may only compete if they are registered for the roster of a team recognized by EGF.

  2. Players may only be registered on one team roster, per game.

    1. A player may be registered on multiple team rosters, as long as each team is competing in a different game.

  3. Teams may not make additions to their official roster after week 3 of a regular season.

    1. However, students intending to join the team for the next season may practice with the team.

    2. Teams may not add or drop players from their roster less than 24 hours before their next scheduled match.

  4. Teams may add players to a live roster using the following process:

    1. The captain must send an email with the following info to EGFH organizers, and the team advisor, stating that a player is being added to the roster:

      1. Team info

        1. Team name

        2. Team Captain

      2. Player info

        1. First name

        2. Last name

        3. In-Game Name

        4. Preferred Email Address

        5. Emergency Contact name, relationship, email, telephone number

        6. Competitive Rank (if available)

        7. Primary Role(s) (up to three)

        8. School

        9. Grade

  5. To remove a player from a team roster, the team captain must send an email to EGFH organizers, the team advisor, and the team, stating the player’s removal.

  6. Team Captain replacement

    1. It is the responsibility of each team to manage their communications with other teams, and with the league.

    2. If your captain is unavailable for communication, or leaves the team, it is up to your available team members to elect a team representative that will take the role of interim or replacement captain.

    3. Have the interim captain send a message to all team members with the choice (so we know everyone is on board with the decision) and CC the organizers and advisors.

    4. Include when the switch happens, whether or not it's permanent, and if it's temporary when it will switch back.

    5. Organizers will update communication lists, as necessary, and the interim captain will now pick up league communications.

Stats & Demos

  1. Statistics - Statistics and standings are updated weekly through the EGFH website.

    1. Teams will submit their recorded matches through the identified VoD storage system, with screenshots of end-of-game victory and stats.

  2. Player Demos/Replays - all players are responsible for recording a POV demo/replay to be used in case of a player dispute. If requested, demos must be sent to EGF admins within 24 hours of a request being made.

    1. Replays are used for recording match results, and for adjudicating issues

    2. Replays must be kept for at least one full week after the match’s completion

    3. Replays may be recorded using OBS or other recording software approved by EGF

EGF League Terminology

The following terminology will be used within EGF leagues and events:

  1. Match = Series = A set of gaming events as in a “Best-of Series”; this is what describes one team playing another in a competitive bracket.

  2. Game = A single gaming event within a Series or Match. E.g., the first Game of a “Best-of 3” Series. (Note: “game” is also used to describe a published product, such as League of Legends or Overwatch.)

  3. Map = The in-game physical location(s) where players compete; note that in Overwatch this only describes a set of potential physical locations (e.g., Ilios), and not the individual Rounds/Points/Sections (below).

  4. Round = Point =The individual in-game locations of a Map. E.g., for Ilios in Overwatch, the Rounds/Points/Sections are: Lighthouse, Ruins, Well.

Character Restrictions

In the event of a major bug or by decision of the developer, select characters may be restricted from gameplay for a period of time by EGF officials. Decisions on any character restrictions will be made the day of the match and teams will be notified at least one hour prior to the start of the first match of the day.

Exploits & Infractions

  1. Please refer to the EGFH Infraction Process for greater detail on the infraction process.

  2. Dispute Resolutions - all disputes must be submitted via email to EGF staff within six hours of the conclusion of the match along with the demo described in the above section Season Matches/Reporting Matches/Section 5, explain in detail the specifics of the infraction, and the round in which the infraction occurred. Disputes will be reviewed by EGF admins and will be sent to the Committee on Infractions if deemed appropriate.

  3. Exploit & Infraction Penalties - exploits and infractions will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. If a dispute cannot be resolved immediately, the match in question may be postponed for evidence review.

Unfair play

The following actions will be considered unfair play:

  1. The use of any cheat program and/or map hack program

  2. An intentional disconnection without a proper and explicitly stated reason

  3. The use of any settings exceeding the standard and permitted settings

  4. Intentionally allowing an opponent to win a game

  5. Unsportsmanlike or disruptive behavior, such as inappropriate and/or unprofessional actions directed towards another player or tournament official

  6. The use of a game bug that is determined by the board of referees as being unfair (“exploits”).

  7. The use of an ineligible player (“ringing”)

  8. Upon discovery of any player committing any violations regarded as unfair play, the offending player, at the sole discretion of the tournament director or a group of referees, may receive a warning, a forfeit loss, or be disqualified from the competition. During the course of the event, the commissioner or group of referees may determine other actions to embody unfair play

Stoppage of play

  1. Server Crash - in the event of a game server crash, please contact an EGF admin via email ticket or through the EGF Discord server. The match will be restarted using the same picks/bans/sides and settings.

    1. Teams are responsible for ensuring that their choices are exactly the same as the disconnected match during the remake, to the best of their ability, and any deviation from this is considered unfair play, and will be dealt with accordingly.

  2. Player Disconnect

    1. If a player disconnects, only the Captain (or a designated player if the Captain disconnects) of the disconnected player’s team may pause the game. The pause for either team may not exceed a total of 15 minutes per match. If a team pauses for longer than 15 minutes total within a match, the pausing team will forfeit that round.

  3. Stoppage of Play:

    1. A player experiencing technical issues on any team may have their captain call for a game restart according to game-specific rules.

    2. The player must be experiencing a hardware malfunction (e.g., monitor, peripheral), a physical disruption (e.g., table/chair breakage), or a configuration issue (e.g., runes, masteries, or summoner spells are not *properly* applied - not just choosing the wrong ones). The player must declare the issue in public chat and/or to a tournament administrator, and after the problem is acknowledged, the game should be paused, and affected player may disconnect. Once the player disconnects, if the problem can be resolved within 10 minutes, the match may continue after the fix, otherwise the game is considered null and void and should be restarted. If a tournament administrator determines that the disconnect/conduct represents unfair play, the match may be ruled as a forfeit win for the opposing team.

    3. If an unintentional disconnection occurs within 5 minutes from the start of the match and before first blood –OR– a player’s client crashes or fails to load the match, then the match must be restarted with the same selections/sides. Otherwise if the unintentional disconnection occurs after those milestones, the game will continue as normal, barring any decision by team captains to pause; the disconnected player may reconnect into the game as soon as they are able.

    4. If a player intentionally disconnects without specifying a reason, then the game will continue as normal.

Game pause procedures

  1. Broadcasted games:

    1. In the event of a technical difficulty, the game will be paused by an EGFH admin (producer or broadcaster) and the pause will not count against either team

    2. In the event a team needs to pause the match, they may initiate the pause autonomously if the game allows and must immediately inform an EGFH staffer as to the reason for the pause via Discord

      1. If the game does not allow autonomous pausing, a team may submit a request for a pause through Discord or in-game chat and must inform EGFH staff of the reason for the pause

  2. Non-broadcasted matches

    1. If the game is not being broadcasted, team captains may pause the game for reasons outlined in the Server Crashes and Disconnect section of the Rules and Regulations. The opposing captain will be responsible for holding the pausing team to the afforded time limit.

  3. Pause allowances

    1. If the pausing team goes past the allowed pause limit, they forfeit the match. The opposing team must submit a screenshot of the game with the expired pause timer to and EGF administrator and will be afforded the victory.

    2. If there are still games to be played in the series, the offending team will only forfeit the active game. Once a team forfeits due to exceeding the pause limit, they must be prepared to start the next game in the series within the next (5) minutes or receive a forfeit. The same (5) minute cycle will continue to forfeit until the series has concluded.

  4. Pause guidelines

    1. A game may be paused by a team for technical causes as outlined under server crashes and disconnects

    2. Teams are allowed a maximum of 5 pauses for a total of 10 minutes (technical only)

    3. Tactical pauses are not allowed

Game Settings

Rocket League

Lobby settings:

  • Game Mode: SOCCAR

  • Arena: DFH Stadium

  • Team Size: 3v3

  • Bot Difficulty: No Bots

  • Team settings: Default

  • Mutators: None

  • Game Time: 5 Minutes

  • Joinable By: Name/Password

  • Platform: Steam on PC

  • Server: US-East unless otherwise noted for individual territories

Map selection

All matches in EGFH will be played on “DFH Stadium” for both the regular season and playoffs. Special events may use alternative maps at the discretion of EGFH officials.

Side choice

During the regular season, the home team will be designated as the blue team and the away team will be orange. During the playoffs and championships, the higher seed will be designated as the home team and the lower seed will be the away team.

Joining the lobby:

  1. If the match is being broadcasted, the match producer will provide the server name and password to each team’s captain

  2. If the match is not being broadcasted, the “home” team’s captain is responsible for creating the lobby and providing the server name and password to the opposing team at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

  3. Once in the lobby, players may not join their designated side until three (3) Players from each Team have joined the lobby.


All standard controllers, including mouse and keyboard, are legal. Macro functions (e.g., turbo buttons) are not permitted. Wireless controllers are not permitted in the tournament. In a LAN environment, such as an invitational or championship, all controllers are subject to approval from Tournament officials.

Gameplay rules

Each game will be (5) minutes long. The game will conclude when one team scores more goals than the other. There are no draws. If, after regular time expires, the score is tied, the Game will automatically go into overtime using a sudden death format. The first team to score in overtime will win the game.

Bugs & Glitches

In the event of a bug or glitch that affects gameplay, the full Match shall be played out. In the event of a game breaking event such as a complete server crash, the game will be replayed in its entirety.

Game pauses and timeouts

There are no pauses or timeouts available to teams once the game begins. In the event that a player disconnects, the game will continue. Disconnected players may reconnect at any point during the active game or subsequent games in the series.

League of Legends

Custom Game

  1. Competition Method: 5 vs. 5

  2. Map: Summoner’s Rift (summer)

  3. Mode: Tournament Draft

  4. Bans per Team: 5

  5. Game Length: Until the winner is determined

  6. Game Winner: The team who completely destroys their opponent’s nexus, or forces their opponent to surrender.

  7. Champion Selection: Draft mode will be used. Players may only select champions that are unlocked via any means.

    1. Players must have a minimum of 16 champions available to compete in draft mode; players without 16 champions available will be unable to participate in any practices, event, etc. involving draft mode.

  8. Draft Rules:

    1. Draft Options: Tournament will be using the draft mode feature. Team will only have 5 members, subs can be used but may only play for one team throughout the league/tournament.

    2. Draft Order: The team with the better ranking (or listed as the home team) will have the choice to select their side as blue (first pick) or purple (second pick).

    3. In a multiple game series, the loser of a game will receive their choice of blue (first pick) or purple (second pick) for the next game.

    4. Picks and bans will proceed following normal tournament draft rules

Tournament codes

Tournament codes are generated through Battlefy. Should a tournament code not be available, the captain of the home team or EGF official (whichever is present) will create a game lobby and invite the opposing team captain according to the process laid out in Section 2 - Game Setup.


Custom Game

(Located under Arcade/Create Game/Settings)

Note: All changes to default settings are listed on the right side of the screen


  • Set Competitive - *[On]

  • All others - [Off]


  • MAP

    • Map Rotation - *[Paused]

    • Return to Lobby - *[After a Game]

  • TEAM (unchanged)

    • Team Balancing - [Off]

    • Team 1 Max Players - [6]

    • Team 2 Max Players - [6]

    • Max Spectators - *[0]


  • ALL


      • Enemy Health Bars - [On]

      • Game Mode Start - [Wait for Full Game]

      • Health Pack Respawn Time - [100%]

      • Health Packs - [Determined by Mode]

      • Kill Cam - *[Off]

      • Skins - [On]

    • Heroes (unchanged)

      • Allow Hero Switching - [On]

      • Hero Limit - [1 Per Team]

      • Random Hero on Respawn - [Off]

      • Respawn Time - [100%]

      • Role Limit - [Off]

  • Maps

    • See Below for Map Rules

  • Heroes (unchanged)

    • Leave all heroes on default settings


  1. During the regular season, all maps to be played will be selected by EGFH and the map rotation will be published at least two weeks prior to the start of the season.

  2. Each series will be played as a best of 3 during the regular season

  3. In the event of a tie during the series, a 4th map will be played to determine the series winner

  4. Maps for each series will be played in the following order:

    1. Assault or Hybrid

    2. Control

    3. Escort

    4. Tiebreaker: Control or Escort

  5. During the post-season, teams will pick and ban maps according to the following process where the higher seed is Team A.

    1. In a best of 5 format, maps will be played in the following order:

      1. Escort

      2. Control point

      3. Assault

      4. Hybrid

      5. Escort

    2. Maps are banned in alternating order

      1. Team A bans first map

      2. Team B bans first map

      3. Teams alternate bans until each team has banned 2 maps

        1. Teams may not ban out an entire type of map (example: at least one of each map type must be available once bans have concluded

    3. Once bans have completed, maps are chosen

      1. Team A selects their first choice of map to play

      2. Team B selects their first choice of map to play

      3. Teams alternate choosing maps until each have chosen 1 map for a best of 3, 2 maps in a best of 5, or 3 maps in a best of 7 series

      4. The final map is selected by random list generator operated by an EGF official

  6. Map list for the league includes all competitive maps in the Assault, Escort, Hybrid (Assault/Escort), and Control categories.

Region: Americas