EGFH Spring 2018 registration is now closed!
Contact us for information regarding future seasons.

About EGFH

EGFH is a national high school esports league run by the Electronic Gaming Federation in collaboration with local organizations, such as Connecticut esports(cte).

The official league launched in Spring 2017 in partnership with cities and states with teams from schools across the country competing in weekly online and in-person matches just as a team would in traditional sports like football. At the end of the regular season, the top teams from the league will compete in a national championship.

When a school joins EGFH, they have access to EGF’s development and support resources to ensure the success of their program including working with educators on integrating esports into their learning environments and providing real-world experience for students.


League Info

The EGFH Spring Season is now launched and is open to all high schools in Connecticut.

If you’re a school outside of Connecticut, we’ll be announcing additional states and cities over the coming months so get in touch and let us know you’d like to join!

Registration is now open for schools in Connecticut - please contact us for an invite!

EGFH School Interest

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